aimed at elegance.

Formenti is a company that has made versatility its strength – this is why the company can successfully face any kind of furniture design, modification, and “customization” of standard products, up to the creation of personalized and made-to-measure projects.
We are a tightly knit team that brings together different professional skills, ready to offer complete consultancy and services that include every aspect, from initial design to on-site implementation and installation.


we design and create exclusiveness.

Based on the experience gained in over forty years of activity, the company is a valid partner for the study and the creation of important projects for unparalleled interiors architecture and design.
For Formenti, “made-to-measure” is not a problem, but rather everyday work, whether it be interior design projects for private residences, hotels, embassies or offices, always offering unmatched design and style for each and every room.


Creativity, craftsmanship and tailored services are qualities that are carefully cultivated and kept within the company.

The continuous pursuit of materials and construction solutions offers clear improvement in the performance and quality of the Formenti projects,
in order to offer products that meet the expectations of a careful audience for truly authentic Made in Italy.


that is, the true pleasure of luxury.

Research is a fundamental aspect of Formenti’s work – it arises from an interest to take in new things, offering the inspiration for the creation of unparalleled exclusiveness.
Ideas are part of Formenti’s company assets, making up the study and research centre with expertise in the development of projects, the engineering of products and choice of materials such as leather, fabrics, finishes and wood types.
This is an important division of the company, where ideas are developed, crafted and modelled in order to meet the changes and evolutions of everyday life.