Formenti, leader in the production of prestigious, high-quality furniture.

Formenti, leader in the production of prestigious, high-quality furnishings, has always carried out business by selecting materials and finishes according to strict criteria. Formenti offers a wide range of products that includes sofas and armchairs, tables, chairs and various furnishing accessories, fully adaptable to the needs of each and every client.
Thanks to the attention to design and the continuous research on materials, Formenti has created inimitable features and styles, placing leather and the use of unique colour combinations as the undisputed protagonists.
Formenti invites you to discover, through its range of products, the true essence of “Made in Italy”.

Research is a decisive aspect for Formenti – arising from the curiosity to find new styles, gaining inspiration in order to create unmatched luxury.
Ideas are part of Formenti’s strengths, leading to the study and research centre dedicated to new expertise in the development of projects, as well as the engineering of products and the choice of materials such as leathers, fabrics, finishes and wood types.
This is an important division of the company, where ideas develop, take shape and grow in order to meet the evolution of everyday life.