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September 2022


The overall project that Formenti has created marks the beginning of an important new chapter for the company. The new AvantGarde collection is now increasingly complete and is enriched by the walk-in closet that can also be made Custom Made.

Complete storage solutions with proportionate volumes, in perfect balance between form and function, between elegance and sartorial finishes.

Materials and processes are designed to convey harmony and to furnish spaces where the feeling of finally returning home is instinctive and natural.

The proposals of the AvantGarde walk-in closet were created to guide those looking for aesthetically valid solutions and to suggest ways of understanding the space of storage: what can happen by combining different shades, how different objects and materials can coexist, how a room can resonate of a rhythm thanks to a carefully orchestrated architectural score, in which color acts as a trait combination between different elements.